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Advisory Committee,Publication


An Advisory Committee comprising the following Professor, Course Directors, Department In-charge has been constituted to give suggestions for reviving and streamlining the Publications Department.


  •                                                             Course Director-AD & PR
  • Prof. Vijay Parmar                              Course Director-Visual Communication &                                                                                     Editor-Communicator
  • Prof. Gita Bamezai                             HOD, DECORE
  • Prof. Hemant Joshi                             Course Director-Hindi Journalism &                                                                                               Editor-Sanchar Madhyam
  • Prof. Mukul Sharma                           Course Director-Development Journalism
  • Dr. Anubhuti Yadav                            Incharge-New Media & IT Department
  • Shri Pawan Koundal                           Assistant Editor-Publication Deptt.