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PG Diploma Course in Radio & TV Journalism


COURSE DIRECTOR : Prof. (Dr.) Sangeeta Pranvendra

The PG Diploma Course in Radio and Television Journalism has contributed significantly to meeting the manpower requirements of the electronic media industry in the country. The students are given conceptual understanding, along with training in professional skills by senior academicians and professionals of long standing experience. The syllabus is highly practical-oriented, with strong industry linkages. This gives the students a cutting edge over similar courses run by other institutions. Senior professionals from premier Radio and TV News channels are regularly invited to fine tune the skills of students


  • To provide in-depth understanding of the concept, role and significance of communication in social development
  • To acquaint the students with the best traditions and practices of Journalism
  • To train the students in the art and craft of TV Journalism and equip them with skills and practices to readily take up journalistic and production jobs in TV Channels
  • Provide understanding of Radio journalism, program generation, station management of FM stations.
  • To provide extensive hands on training in the latest digital audio video and multimedia technologies.