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Prof. Rakesh Kumar Goswami

Prof. Rakesh Kumar Goswami, Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication

Dr Rakesh Goswami has been a working journalist for 22 years before taking the plunge into academics. He has a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He won the University Gold Medal for scoring the highest marks in the course. He also has the doctorate degree. Dr Goswami joined the Indian Institute of Mass Communication in November 2020 as a Professor of Print Media, and was made the Regional Director of the Jammu Campus in February 2021. He has a long industry experience across the print and the broadcast journalism and passionate about teaching reporting, especially development journalism. He’s been part of Unicef programmes on empowering grassroots journalists across Rajasthan to give them critical skills to report on developmental issues.

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