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Call for Books and Translation

Indian Institute of Mass Communication


Call for Books Proposal


Through its publications, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication strives to add to the communications discourse and to contribute to the current media debates in India and in the developing world. The publications department at IIMC has the following objectives:

  • Encouraging dialogue between academics, practitioners and policy makers,
  • Providing resources for academics and industry,
  • Encouraging Indian scholarship,
  • Providing outreach to wider audiences,
  • Publishing text-books for students.

The Department of Publications at IIMC has published various books related to communications in English and Hindi in the past and its publications have been popular.

The Department of Publications welcomes submissions of book proposals in the core areas of communication and its related branches.


The guidelines for the submission of book proposal are mentioned below:

             a.  The proposal should include the main objectives and themes of the book proposed. It should contain the                           summary of the content in 500 words approx.

             b.   The headings of the chapters should be given; it should include at least one paragraph about each chapter.

             c.   For edited books, the basic structure of the book, expected authors, affiliations should be indicated with                            consent of the expected authors, including chapter summaries from authors.

             d.   The intended target audience of the books should be specified.

             e.   The length of the book in words should be specified.

             f.    Authors must obtain permission to reproduce copyrighted material.


The submissions of proposal should be sent to the following address: 

Dr. Sunetra Sen Narayan, Associate Professor

Head, Department of Publications,

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, 

Email: sunetran[at]gmail[dot]com


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 The Department of Publications welcomes submissions of proposals for translation of books into Hindi and other Indian languages to be published by IIMC.


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