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PG Diploma Course in Journalism (English)

COURSE DIRECTOR: Prof. Surbhi Dahiya

 The course is designed to train young professionals in the basics of journalism, as well as in all current trends, including the latest developments in cyber and electronic journalism, for their all-round development. The students of English Journalism are treated like professional journalists and are made to do intensive practical exercises. To hone their skills, they are drilled in continuous desk and reporting work to help transform them into fully equipped professionals. The course is available at Delhi, Dhenkanal, Aizawl, Amravati, Jammu and Kottayam


  • To provide a wider perspective on communication in India.
  • To emphasize the role of journalists in promoting involvement and participation through effective communication.
  • To familiarize and equip them with a range of communication skills.
  • To develop proper communication strategies in priority areas for the country.
  • To define opportunities for journalists/ communicators in view of emerging technologies.
  • To give exposure to new/evolving techniques of reporting/editing/production/ distribution.
  • To spell out the role of government media organisations and of private initiatives.