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PG Diploma Course in Digital Media


COURSE DIRECTOR: Dr. Rachna Sharma

Digital Media is used in almost every facet of life today. The way we access the news or listen to the music, the ways we consume the forms of entertainment or the media content for information have enormously changed. In this backdrop, there is an urgent need of the digital media professionals in the field of journalism, advertising and public relations, marketing, entertainment and films, the gaming industry, and also in the field of governance and development communication. Therefore, the PG Diploma Course in Digital Media has been designed and offered to meet the human resource requirements of the contemporary media industry in the country. The course syllabus is highly practical and output oriented to make students industry-ready.

Course objectives:  The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the new and emerging technologies and their application in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate Communication, and Development Communication. Students will be given exposure to create media messages in a wide variety of forms using a variety of digital tools.